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Moving my new mill


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@CalgaryPT wow. an adjustable width model. That's really cool. I'm looking into buying a narrower pallet jack, so I'll have an extra to get rid of. I really like the 'high lift pallet jacks' but they are very spendy and not narrow enough to fit my machines.

I borrowed the lifting bars, but at the cost of gas, it will be better if I make a pair, so that goes into the job pile.

@Johnwa - it has seen a couple of hundred hours. Needs a good clean and lube. the nuts and veeways are like new.

@PeterT Thanks for the offer. I'll be sure to take you up on that if needed. I need to get used to a variable speed head and having downfeed, etc! My other mill is a belt drive on a VFD, so it feels very different.