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Mill Stop 2


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@YYCHobbyMachinist Craig was posting about his lathe carriage stop and that inspired me to make a small mill stop to clip on the milling machine vise. You can buy these things for incredibly cheap on ebay but I decided to make one.

Today I was following my new process of design, 3d print to verify, and then make out of metal.

Screen Shot 2019-03-03 at 6.39.46 PM.jpg

Press fit dowel pins and a M6 screw. Printed in PLA.

] IMG_3179.JPG

Seems to work fine in plastic. Maybe I won't bother with making it in metal.



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Nicely made. That's the only downside to my prismatic jaws, they don't lend themselves to top side clamps like that. Such is life.
The front block of my vise has a threaded hole here though, so I attach stop mechanisms to it.