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Masso PC-less?


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You CNC nerds know much about this PC-less, Mach-less CNC controller technology? I'm a complete sub-noob on this stuff, but what I think I see is a green brick and a cnc machine... with nothing else in between. Maybe I waited long enough & my dreams came true?




My router has a Masso controller on it. It is sweet. This beats having to need a computer to run the conversion mill.


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Whether you realize it or not all modern machines have a computer running them, the difference is where or not you see it as a computer in the normal sense of the terms.

Example. Centroid builds dedicated CNC to build race engines and also builds several DYI or retrofit CNC versions such ACORN in which case you use your own computer to run their software with touch screen can replicate thier control system.

Computer less no, computer hidden yes.