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main page changed?


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Is it me or did the main web page change? Seems like the category items are squished over to the left. Not a biggy but just thought I'd mention. Seems like once inside a forum, the layout is familiar & spaced like before.


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Thinking about it again, it was much more than a month ago I saw it. I meant to ask but forgot, then got used to it. But at the time it was quiet dramatic. It looks funny on my machine compared to what it used to look like. But I have the same issue...once inside it looks the same.

I am assuming it is due to a Chrome/Mac OS issue and the way some minor code gets rendered. But other forums that I am on that use the same software still look the same.

Having said this, I don't care. I'm more of a function over form person anyways.

So please don't spend hrs de-bugging...enjoy your Saturday instead :)


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