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Looking for somebody to teach me TIG for 1-3 hours


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I have a DC TIG machine have never used it for TIG, just stick.
Have been welding stick for 4 years as hobby.
Looking for somebody to show me some TIG welding steel and aluminum, willing to pay, once Covid goes away.
NOT INTERESTED in "Go watch on youtube" advice.

Also advice on a 200A TIG welder that can be bought in Canada, (no Lincoln or Miller, not interested).
Everlast is too expensive...

Thank you


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I think you’re going to have a hard time finding someone willing to do anything in person these days unfortunately.

If Everlast is too expensive what’s your budget?

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Sorry, "Transformer" as in TIG? When I hear old and transformer I think about stick ;)
Can you PM me and maybe let me know whereabouts are you in Calgary?


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'Transformer' is just a power source. nice and stable. Different to learn on than an inverter type. Carbon brushes for high Freq start. neat unit. An "Econo Tig 200" by Miller.

-- what machine do you have?


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For now, an inverter type that only does DC. Bad for TIG, no gas solenoid, no pedal, no switch on torch, just a sh#$ty torch.

Kelly McLaughlin

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Hi Buba! you need AC to weld aluminium. What is the issue with Lincoln or Miller? I have a 225 Lincoln ac / dc and it's worked well for me for years, I do aluminium fin repair, fab steel parts with it, It's tig and stick, I think I used the stick once but can'r remember. Your DC unit will do steel nicely, you need to get setup with gas though. Don't write off You tube though there's lots of good info any time I run into a process I'm not familiar with it's my go to. I used it as a primer when learning to tig braze. Do you gas weld? They're quite similar and the muscle memory would speed the learning curve.