Looking for a PI, Orange ? Anything to run klipper


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Howdy folks,

I have a ender S1 Pro that I would like to try klipper with. I am interested in hearing from those of you who run their printer on klipper or know the process of the whole "klipper" world. I have some silly questions and wouldn't mind some guidance.

I would like to find a Pi or equivalent board to run klipper on, and preferably some sort of screen.
I am all ears and looking for wisdom.

Thanks guys!


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Have you checked out the Creality Sonic Pad? Might not be much more expensive than a pi and a screen and will be backed by Creality.


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You can kipper on an old android phone, gives you a touch screen, and a web cam

So that's an option, a cheap one if you have an old phone sitting a drawer