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CA-BC Looking for 2x 4' lengths of rail road track

British Columbia


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Anybody have a clue on where to find such? Asking for a friend (really!).
Ideally on Vancouver Island, but we can visit the mainland if we need to.


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I have 2 x ~12" chunks.
I hear there's a whole unused rail line up island ;)
There's a website for everything:
12ft rails from China. :eek:

Try looking here....



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If you are anywhere near Langford BC, I've seen a few lengths tossed into the bushes along tracks near Langford Lake.
That's what we're looking for! Little generator and a 7" angle grinder should make it possible.
Any chance you could put a approximate pin on a map? It's not urgent.

combustable herbage

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In case you didn't find a more sensible supply, there's always this over on the mainland.

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What's not sensible about taking a generator and an angle grinder into the bushes to cut off tossed track in the woods somewhere near Langford Lake with directions from someone on the internet?
They are very handy I got mine from Brent H when I was up there.


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Back in the 1980's I worked at a foundry and track was their main feed stock. They would torch them half way and then drop them from 20 feet with a mag crane snapped at each cut line about 2 foot long pieces. And to think I could have gotten as much as I wanted for nothing.