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Looking for 1100 aluminum rod

Hey gang,
Does anyone know where I can get 1100 rod? Having a tough time finding it online (for reasonable $$) and most welding supply places in Calgary are only open while I'm working. Tried KMS, PA, local stores in Cochrane, nada. Any leads would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks for the tip! I checked out their page, and it looks like they have 4034 and 5356, but no 1100, search continues...
Update: bought 10 lbs of 1/16" 1100 rod off Ebay from "fillermetalqueen". Shipping is the killer, so 1 lb. was ridiculous, but 10 lbs. with shipping and exchange worked out to $12.50/lb.
It's more than I really need, so if anyone wants some, I'd trade for some ally sheet or flat bar scraps, (need practice material) and I'm trying to avoid metal supermarket at all costs lol.


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Glad you located some. Ebay to the rescue! Strange how that is sometimes.
Just curious, what are you welding with that alloy?
I want to start doing some panel forming to make car panels, motorcycle fenders and tanks, fairings, that kind of thing. 1100 stays very ductile and the welds hammer very smooth and flat. The goal is someday be able to make full/partial car bodies for hot rods, classics, etc.