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Looking at DRO for 6x26 knee mill - need advice


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I'm looking to add a DRO to my Busy been ct054 knee mill (6x26). I would like the best blend of quality vs. cost. And no, buying a new mill with DRO on it already isn't an option. My budget is between 350-800 Canadian.

I'm looking for advice/opinions on:

2 vs 3 axis
glass vs. magnetic scales
features to look for on display unit
brand/vendors to consider/avoid
india vs. china vs. USA
amazon vs. KBC vs. banggood vs. aliexpress vs. shars vs. precision-mathews vs. modern vs. other-local-calgary-hodge-podge
Shipping concerns?
experiences / gotchas to watch for on installs
pictures of your own DIY DRO installs


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I have glass scale cheap ebay unit, $400 +/- was easy to work with, i ordered longer than needed scales and cyt to fit. I believe i have a thread showing it in “your projects” under “my mini machine upgrades”. I got a 3 axis because it has 3 axis and it allows for radius cuts.

Tom O

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I put a DroPro’s 4 axis on my Craftex mill with out any problems the quill can be locked off or be used in combination with the z axis readout.


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I've bought 3 sets of the Chinese ones and they seemed quite good, showed up fast and are accurate. Glass scales, don't go with the 1 micron precision it will just irritate you that you never hit you number.
I got Chinese DRO of eBay I think (or aliexpress) very, very, very happy so far with it.

If I have some spare time I will buy more Chinese DRO systems for my other old mill, my old falling apart lathe and on my surface grinder.

I uses border bee for fees.


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Ebay search “3 axis dro kit” and expect to pay about $400 for a complete set all in. I love mine, no complaints.
High priced ebay items come quickly .... mind your seller is still active as chinese newyear is a month long celebration


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I just ordered a 3 axis dro from AliExpress (with promise of dhl ) for 215USD. I'll let you know how that goes

I got a confirmation message from seller to confirm travel lengths and to let me know what the overall size will be.... it was in good English so I'm optimistic so far!

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I already tried that.. You could talk to the seller and ask him then try to organize it again.
Are you in for 3 if the price is right? What's your price point?

I found a $215US package. Purchasing 5 or more reduced it to $204US. Free shipping via DHL. Still responsible for Duty. I'm thinking 5 units will draw more attention with the duty inspectors v.s. one. Worth it?
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