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Let’s do it again


I still using my old furnace, but I changed the hose to a 30 psi, snd a better burner.
i still gonna build a better one but I wanted to give it a try one last chance. I’ll try to melt some copper today and see how that goes. C4854102-8122-4D54-A1ED-ABC81A91541B.jpeg


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Tom O

Ultra Member
Try it with a fan it’s night and day! You just need a tube with a hole for the gas steel pipe and use a regulator or valve to control the gas rate a orfice is optional


Hey hey, you should run 5 psi air from a compressor into the mix, that will get you up to temps, I used 1lb propane bottles with map torch and compressed air to do some copper, unfortunately on the second attempt the steel pipe crucible I was using fused with the copper as my bottle ran empty.

Tom O

Ultra Member
That’s where it’s good to have 2 propane bottles I’ve been lucky that I have never ran out yet.