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Lathe on Facebook marketplace


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I think it’s gone already. It looked like a steal.

I can’t seem to find any way to copy links on Facebook marketplace.
Humbly... Its in my garage, with a little story to go with it!
I was at work and one of my fellow workers, who did a stint machining, knew I was looking for a Lathe...10 x 24. He came running to me at about 4:30PM with the Face Book advertisement on his phone. I took a brief glance at the pic and stated ( rather aggressively) "Text Her...Buy it". Buddy # 2 shouted out " If you want it E-mail money to hold it". I replied to buddy #2 " Send $500. Buddy #3 suggested I find some one to come in early and go pick it up right now ( Shift change was at 6:30PM.) I asked him to find me someone and I picked up the phone to call Buddy # 4. I knew I could not load this thing myself, buddy #4 dropped his plans and was up for the adventure. The guys at work sent me to change, confident the team was going to be successful at each ones task ( we have worked together for yrs). I got changed and when I returned my relief had been organized. The deal had not yet been sealed, I got buddy #1 cell Ph # and headed to town ( Red Deer) to raid the piggy bank. When I got home ( 5:45PM ) I loaded tools and whatever, called Buddy #1. The deal was on, $500 transferred, I got directions and headed out to pick up buddy #4, and his disassembled engine hoist. Our target was Turner Valley by 9PM, we were loaded up and headed home by 10:30PM.
I don't have a cell ph, I don't text, I don't do Facebook, and I have never transferred money via E-mail! The boys new they had to look after the old guy. I missed a TWS lathe about a month ago and they weren't going to let it happen again.
So what did I get...I still cant believe it...having a lucky month!
DF 1224G = gap, no manufacturer found on it yet ( I think it is Taiwan Grizzly), 1983 stamped on the 220V single phaze motor, 7.500" 3 jaw ( both sets of jaws), 8.000" 4 jaw Kung Chin made in Taiwan chucks, face plate...but no yoke thing, lantern tool post and the 4 sided type tool post, Steady and follow rest, MT3 tailstock 4.00" travel with inch/metric dial, MT 3 mounted 5/8 drill chuck, 2 MT3 centers, MT5=MT3 adapter for spindle, Original steel small tool box with general machine tools it would have come with, Starrett machinist level...rough, Japan brand magnetic base set with indicator..rough but a very strong magnet, a few home made tool holders with cutters attached, a little bit of junk and a lot of oily/greasy mess, with drive belts ready to die.
I work 12's so it is getting no attention until days off next week. I will likely start a separate post after I do some reading. My first lathe and I am a little lost, but it looks good next to my RF 30 drill mill.


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Great find!! very much like my 12X37, except shorter - you got all the original equipment! A great story! and you will love this lathe!
Got a the tools cleaned up last week end. Today cleaned the lathe up a little, got oil in it, fired it up. Now we will disassemble for though cleaning and belt change...likely seals on the spindle as well. Got a call from a buddy, he has lined up for my first small project. Can't wait, haveing a ball! IMG_7768.JPG IMG_7756.JPG IMG_7759.JPG IMG_7765.JPG


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Thanks for the manuals guys, they would of came in handy today. But I have lots yet to clean and much to learn. I just looked at one of the Dabbler sections and this is going to help me figure out what all these leavers are and what not to do! New belts arived and seals will be ordered Thursday. Much to my surprise it has a Japan brg NACHI, I think that is the brand Precision M. uses in his gun lathes. I will price out new ones being that I am this far. Spindle came out without much effort, you can see a corner of the hubcap hammer ( for those of us that remember what they were) I used...many small blows.
IMG_7776.JPG IMG_7775.JPG