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Lancaster starting


John (Makonjohn)
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That is really neat. Is that the Lancaster that was at the SW corner of McCall Field for 30 some years?


That was sooooo cool!!!! Wish I could have made it up there!!! Thanks for posting this!!

Tom O

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There is a guy on another forum I go to that has some Lancaster drawings in PDF form I’m just waiting for him to send them.


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I think the only remaining flying one is KB726. More than a decade ago I was in the parking lot at Praxair on 42 and Blackfoot getting welding gas. I think it was Stampede week in fact, but also a military anniversary that year. Suddenly I heard this incredible sound coming from downtown. I looked up and saw it flying towards me. The sound of those engines is beautiful. I'll never forget it. The men and women who built those things were masters at using the least amount of metal to achieve the right amount of strength. A lot of bead rolling added so much strength to everything from seats to control levers.

@Tom O - you're so lucky to have been that close. Good on you.


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I think the Lanc that was mounted on a pedestal just before entering McCall field is now housed in the white tent at the Calgary Aerospace Museum. CAM is/was also restoring a Mosquito. Don't know where they are at with that.

Boy this dates me.

As a youth I flew from London to Dar es salaam Tanzania (with a refueling stop in the Sudan) on a De Havelland Comet! 707s, VC10's, BAC 311s and Caravelles were the cutting edge then. Made a trip from Dar to Zanzabar in a
De Havelland Dragon (look that one up).

Anyone remember the Calgary Golden Hawks F86 crash? I do.
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