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King Industrial KC20-VS woes

Colten Edwards

So I was boring out a 3in diameter hole in 2in aluminum. Somewhere close to 3inches, I started hearing motor noises, so I shutdown the mill. When I touched the motor it was hot.. Left it to cool down for the night and when I came out the next day started looking at what the problem was. The motor would not turn at all. When i checked the speed controller, it was working. The motor was not. So I looked at the brushes. The one brush came out really easily. The other side though, the brush cap is melted and I practically destroyed it when attempting to take it out. Good news is that the motor started working again. it does however heat up quiet fast. I made a 3d printed flange to hold a 120mm fan across the top of the motor and that works out well.

So, I've been looking around for a motor replacement. I've got a treadmill motor, but of course it's the wrong mounting for the mill as well as the shaft being wrong. I looked online at grizzly, since my mill is a G0704 type mill. They list two motors and two gears. One motor is 10mm which is what I have, the other is a 14mm and looks quite differant. I would assume I could just purchase the gear and 14mm motor to have the upgrade. King Canada has a motor. it's $576 for it. the grizzly is $160 and I believe 14 for the gear.

My other option is to take a 3 phase 3hp 220v motor and use the VFD I have. Automationdirect.com has a inverter ready TEFC 56 motor for $152 (free shipping). This option would require an adapter plate and boring out the shaft diameter to match the motor


I'm wondering if I have missed any options to look at. I'm also curious what direction someone else in this situation would take.


Premium Member
Motor from automation looks pretty good - did you confirm shipping to Canada is free? That’s seems like a Great price to me. But before you buy what about getting the old motor serviced instead?


Well-Known Member
Personally I'd either go the vfd or DC motor route. It'll likely be a better solution for you in the long run. Whichever of the two ends up being less work.. boring gears isn't bad and neither is making adapter plates as long as you don't have to broach the gear after.


Active Member
+1 for ditching 1 phase AC motor. I know it's the best 'drop-in' option but having variable speed via 3ph/vfd or DC motor improives the usefulness of the machine.

King Canada sucks for support. Poor response time (if at all) and prices are always outrageous for parts. Good thing is you can source many of their parts elsewhere since they are either generic and/or sold by different companies e.g. Grizzly


You can sometimes get 2HP 3Phase motors on Kijiji for cheap. If you add a VFD, it would still be way less than King or Princess Auto prices for 1 phase..... Automation direct only does free shipping in the lower 48 US states, I think...

Colten Edwards

I looked at servicing the motor. the motor brush cap was melted. I finally got it out of the hole and actually saved the thread on the motor. I discovered that the Bocsch palm router I have, uses a similar cap and great surprise it fit. the brush was slightly larger, but a file fixed that little problem. When I removed the brush from the King motor, it fell apart completely. The wire and spring in one hand and the carbon in the other. So that would explain some of the issue as well as the heat problem I was having. So I now have a working mill again. I also talked to grizzly and I believe I have a motor and gear coming along with a replacement brush and cap. There is some sort of export issue. I'll find out tomorrow more about it.