Just Discovered These - Corner/Round Edge Flapdisks


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I had no idea they made flap disks with rounded corners now. Just picked up a couple of these to try out and they work great for smoothing out fillet welds—you can get into the corners and smooth the weld down if you are looking for a clean look on table legs, etc. They do a much better job than a right angled die grinder with carbide burr. Only downside is you really need access to both sides of the fillet.




@buckbrush here's my unvarnished thought:

I am not a pro welder, even if I have pro tools. So my welds are a little uneven, and have some minor gaps that I have to fill in on a second pass. So my result is very strong, but looks, well, another thing entirely.

So for a 90 degree fillet weld, these rounded disks can get in there, and make a nice smooth fillet - just like I knew what I was doing. For me, a small price to pay - I'm a little too much of a perfectionist, and this makes the result satisfying to *me*.


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I had no idea that I was among so many waana be welders like myself! I'm not sure mine could be fixed with a grinder and paint though. Usually most of the original part is laying on the floor in globs of hardened molten metal. Hard to grind something that isn't there anymore and paint doesn't stick to air very well.