It's not because we need it...


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Nice little vise. I've got some watchmakers ones about that size, maybe slightly bigger. They can be handy.

Part of the bigger vice I suppose - tools. Normal people watch the Kardashians and sports instead of making things. By that standard all in my fairly extensive shops (garage and basement) are "wants".

I was visting a friend a week ago with a nice set up, several Schaublin 70 lathes. I commented he's got to be pretty happy with that great array of them and without missing beat he shot back "for sure, but I'd be even happy with another" Its a disease.
I seem to remember those little vice's were part of a fly tying kit sold in outdoors mags.
Interesting..... I have tied quite a few flies and have several vices, but never thought this was a fly tying vice....... I had it pegged as some kind of promotional thing, a conversation piece if you will. ;)
And, just because it was the biggest hand drill I have ever seen....... 20211125_104456.jpg
It's a black and decker, 10 amp draw and 36 rpm......


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sweet drill. What is the motor above it being used for? seems to have a purposeful shelf.
I have been thinking it would be a good drive motor for line boring etc., but to be truthful I really only bought it for the "mine is bigger than yours" factor, and for the $20 I paid for it, needs a better cord, but aside from that it works great. Even came with the key.
I have a chain fall at the wood shed that falls into the same category......


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I have a chain fall at the wood shed that falls into the same category......

I have a nice 3ton on my overhead. But if I can ever find it, I have a really old 18xx (maybe even 17xx) chainfall that my father in law gave me a hundred years ago. I want to fix it up and put it on display. I suspect that one of my 3 boys borrowed it.....

Wish I still had all the old tools I used to have.