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ISO 5/16ths K style geo die head


Machinist/Toolmaker ( retired )
I would ask if all could be on the lookout for the K style head . I think they don't exist down here . I have about 120 sets of useless chasers without the head . TIA Dave

You can pm myself , Dabbler or DavidR8 .


ersatz engineer
Can you put the dimensions of one of the 4 chasers, so people can find likely candidates? I don't think I could tell which size a K style head was.


Machinist/Toolmaker ( retired )
I have never seen this head , but I would assume it is the same physical size as the D style geometrics . I have all D style heads here . The difference with the chasers are D style have slots to mount in the head . The K style has pins . I'll post a pic of the difference in the chasers . I can find lots of information but haven't seen one available anywhere . FWIW , I bought a large box of chasers up at Cabin Fever . On the top were a few D style sets . On the bottom were a 100 or so K style sets .