Ironic Spam Bug?


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I don't know if this is a bug or not but here goes.
I use a Linux email program called Thunderbird. My email accounts from other services are linked to Thunderbird so I don't need to log into the different email servers to see my mail. For three days or more I tried to register but never received the confirmation letter, I tried two different email services to no avail. It turns out that this site, that is so spam protective, was being seen as spam by the other email services I use and blocked the emails. The one site I figure must have deleted the emails before I had a chance to see them and the other site (yahoo) just dumped them in the spam folder. I tagged this site as okay and now all is well. Once I figured it out and seen the irony it was kind of humorous.
I know this is a bit long winded and convoluted but what is in the confirmation letters that yahoo sees as spam? Has anyone else had this problem?