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Inverter Generator for Offsite welding Jobs


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Hi everybody,

I might need to do some welding outside of my shop so I was looking into what kind of generator you might want to use to run my inverter based 30A and 50A 240V welders. This turns out to be a bit tricky. Most generators are not compatible with the electronics in these welders - according to the manual you must supply clean power and it seems you need a inverter based generator. Well - there are plenty of 120V inverter generators to rent but nearly nobody seems to even make a 240V inverter generator at all let along want to rent you one. Even United rentals don't seem to have anything and they are gigantic.

Honda has one http://powerequipment.honda.com/generators/selector
7000 Watts 240V 30A. MSRP $4500.

One place in town - Rogers - seems to have it - $395/day. wow that's a lot.

This whole idea seems like a non-starter. Is this why I would buy a gas generator welder? A ranger 225 is $4500... https://www.kmstools.com/welders-22000000/engine-driven-welders-22100000/

A vague possibility is to request to plug in to the stove or dryer outlet in the clients house - need a long LONG cable probably. I'm not sure how keen people would be about letting me do that. Move the stove, don't scratch the floor, can't cook, big cable across the floor, people freaking out, consternation of even asking...

I suppose a 110V stick welder and all the limitations thereof is the only reasonable option I can come up with.... Fabricate nearly everything at the shop - then do small welds or use fasteners at the job site.

Anybody got any better ideas?


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Gosh, this can be really simple, or as you have seen - it's nearly impossible, or expensive. Is this a one shot deal? If so, I have a 5000KW diesel genset that is compatible with my transformer MIG. For a one-of, we could talk. If this is going to be a regular thing - buy the gas generator welder. Mind you I know a guy with a truck mounted gen welder, for a one-of also.


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Thanks John - for a one off that could work - I'll have to see if the job proceeds. I was hoping to come up with a workable solution so I could add that to what I could do for people. Much appreciate your input and offer to chat.


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John, the high end Hondas have inverters. Adventure Honda in Calgary carries them. But as you seem to be thinking this through you probably see that one of those new is the same as a Ranger. Alternatively, if you can get by with 120V, I see Rogers has a used Honda 3000i for sale at $2300. It should do 21 amps if I remember correctly.