I recently picked up a Lincoln MIG Pack 10...


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I have had 2. Bought the first one new, then sold it when I got a 240 vac machine, then missed the versatility of it, and stumbled into one on kijiji when I bought another stick machine he was selling. I keep it at camp for little jobs. A friend took it out to the airfield many years ago to work on his hanger. A neighbour at camp used it to fix his dock. Places where you can easily get 120 but not 240. If you work within it's limits, it is fine. Needs a 20 amp breaker though. I kept popping the 15 amp if welding on the higher setting. If you want to weld over 3/16", then you should probably look at something larger. 20% duty cycle so taking your time is key. And that might be a generous spec.

It is Lincoln ie name brand but aimed at the small home hobbyist. Anything bigger would be an upgrade. The Lincoln 140 is a better option, and then the Lincoln 180 if you have 240 available. Miller and Everlast make comparable machines so depends on what colour you like.

What is your mission? What do you want to weld? Is it your only welder?

My 2 cents....


At $200 or less in like new condition, maybe...anything more and it's just not worth it. They're the smallest of welders and pretty limited in what they can do. It will be reliable though, so there is that.


I have one...the only welder I have and learned on it. I am no expert but I get stuff done. I have run into the 20% duty cycle limit as the unit breaker trips and you have to wait until it cools down (don't power down, just let the fan keep running to cool it). I have welded 1/4, 3/16, etc. It is a good unit. I run with Argon/CO2. I prefer GMAW than FCAW in MIG as it is cleaner BUT I really should be running FCAW as it has deeper penetration. Like I said, I am no expert. I want a 220 V unit to work on thicker materials but I can't justify the expense at this time unless I find a good used unit at a good price. I have the manual if you need it; it has a lot of good information in it. Hope this helps.