Horizontal band saw


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@gerritv , @Degen , @Tom O , @YYCHM and anyone else I missed.

I am home now.

The eccentric is on the outside not the inside. I bet that's an assembly issue because it's on the inside on other members saws and my manual says inside too.

There is no eccentric indexing. At first I thought there are no flats either. But they are there - just very hard to access. I had to make a thin wrench that was thin enough to fit between the bearing and the extension bar. The eccentric is a very tight friction fit.

After relieving the blade pinching force, the blade no longer pops off. Yippee!

Here is the drive @Degen, and the top gear is after that. Hope it shows whatever you need. The blade looks like it's touching the drive, but it isn't.

View attachment 24093

View attachment 24094
Take a photo of the other side, it looks like your top pull is tilted the wrong way.


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Take a photo of the other side, it looks like your top pull is tilted the wrong way.

Not sure what you want here. I can't get at the other side for a photo.

Anyway, it is staying on now that @gerritv helped me figure out how to adjust the pinch.
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Chris Cramer

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Ive been thinking of building a virticle metal band saw with my 3 phase motor instead of a lathe due to the limited space I have. Personally I don't understand the point of using a band saw horizontal instead of a miter saw or cutting a plate straight forward. The great benefits of a band saw's flexibility is for sharp narrow cuts not just straight virticle or horizontal cuts. My plasma table does a great job of cutting mild steel and lower carbon stainless steel, but it doesn't make very clean cuts on aluminum, or high carbon stainless steels I use for knives. That is what I would use a band saw for, is my knife blades and clean cut handle scales.


Band saw has a thinner kerf and wastes less material. Generally has an automatic shut off so you can let it run and don't need to attend to it but can be productive elsewhere while it runs. Can cut off a piece of 4 or 5 in round stock (or larger) unattended and cleanly. Not gonna do that with any plasma cutter I can afford.

I had a power hacksaw. Moving up to a 4x6 band saw made a huge difference. After some years I found a hardly used 8x12 band saw with a good hydraulic downfeed, and quick action vice for a price I couldn't refuse. Didn't take up a lot more shop space than the 4x6, and was a tremendous improvement over the 4x6. Similar to this model: https://www.kmstools.com/magnum-industrial-7-quot-x-12-quot-metal-band-saw-4-speed-belt-drive.html

I do have a vertical band saw project in the works, because, yes, changing from horizontal to vertical is a nuisance.