Hercus 260 ATM rebuild


I've wondered about those generic hardeners too. Usually I'm loathe to mix chemicals from different brands / paint systems because the paint manufacturers are always messing with the recipe, sometimes for environmental reasons & sometimes just because. But I've read the same thing specific to Tremclad. I painted my mill stand with Tremclad & used a disposable foam roller & foam brush for hard to reach areas. It is really easy to apply & leaves a consistent finish vs brushes.

If I had a machine I really cared about, I'd go Endura. Its meant to be sprayed, also high in isocyanate, but brutally tough stuff.
That's exactly what I've been doing and I'm quite happy with the finish so far as it is still a tool.

I'm honestly not a painter and I'm not expecting perfection with this. if I was I would probably have a professional do it.

Started on the work bench today.

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Progress is pretty slow right now, but my parts still haven't left the land down under.

Loosely put the gear box back together and installed it, partially to make room to work on other stuff, but also just because I like the way it looks :cool:. And it is looking good.

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Sorry guys, haven't posted any progress in a while. Things got pretty crazy around here and it was all compounded by a few cases of COVID in the office. But everyone is good now and I have my replacement parts. So I've got back to painting and should be assembling it next week. Getting excited to fore this thing up and do some turning.


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It does look good. What kind of paint are you using? Just regular Tremclad?


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I quit using Tremclad. It used to use it exclusively on metal then they changed the formula and now it can take months even out in the sun for it to harden. The Cloverdale industrial enamel is great but they can't get quarts currently due to supply issues. I've heard good things about Sherwin Williams marine industrial too but they also can not get quarts (summer 2022).