Help with technical drawings.


Hi guys,

I'm not sure if this is an appropriate request for this forum, but there's only one way to find out. I'm working on the technical drawings for the ball-socket joints that I referenced in a previous post. I have some understanding of the correct method, but I'm concerned there are glaring errors that only an experienced person would spot. I would like to make sure the drawings are clear and concise.

Would be possible to get some help with these technical drawings?

I can post one or two here, but I'd prefer to work with someone just through email.


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If you are after a sniff test, I can give it a lookover. (I am an amateur/hobbyist/enthusiast not a paid professional). Or post an example if its not confidential.
Probably some of our machinists who do it for a living would be better qualified as they see formal shop drawings every day & usually consistent drafting standards.
The typical issues (guilty) are dimensions that don't match the requirement like 1.2345" (are you sure you want to pay for tenths?). Or undefined tolerances. Or undefined surface finish.... etc

If you mean for submissions, formal bids, patent stuff... that can get very deep & finicky.

And these days for machining quotations, some shops prefer you just send model (cad file) along with a template spec sheet. They can usually grind out rough estimate faster with their own modelling resources vs. evaluating your drawings.