• Hi - We're having intermittent forum issues. Posts, alerts, and anything involving email like signing up or password changes are having problems but not for everyone or everywhere. Josh is working on it. No ETA right now. Thanks Josh - BTW this is a volunteer forum so SLA's are just best effort. EDIT -> I manually batch updated about 25 people stuck on the email notification. Try logging in now with your password. If you really can't get in contact us on facebook or if you know a forum member get them to ask us.
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Help wanted!

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We are looking for moderators and committee members.

As a moderator you will be keeping an eye on new posts and reporting issues to the admins. Direct message me on the forum and tell me in a few words what you will bring to the team.

We are also starting a committee to coordinate meet up events. Committee members will be tasked with choosing a meet up location and time for in person meetings. If you want to volunteer to be on the meet up committee direct message me on the forum and let me know that you would like to join the committee.
Not open for further replies.