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my name is Glen White I have just purchased a king pdm 30 column mill and am learning how to use it i have installed a DRO and built a stand for it
I am having trouble finding material Calgary is the closest major center I am looking for some aluminum brass and some alloy steel to make some beginner projects such as clamps and machinist jacks
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Welcome from Calgary.

Sourcing metal in the Calgary local has been discussed here https://canadianhobbymetalworkers.com/threads/sourcing-metal-general-discussion.37/

I use Metal Super Market when I need small pieces for one off projects. There is a meager discount on pieces scrounged from their end cuts bin. They will also cut to length anything you want. Not the cheapest place for metal that's for sure, but convenient.
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Aluminum and steel are easy, federal metals for half and full lengths (prices are getting up there), steel inc is pretty good for anything up to full lengths, metal supermarket is astronomical (but if you only need a few inches and they have it well...)

Brass, acetal, etc...millennium alloys in Kelowna is where I have gone, unfortunately shipping is involved..I just try to order enough to offset that, you might find some at metal supermarkets or *possibly* steel inc