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Hello from Rockyview, AB


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Gunstocks....definite income supplementer there making stocks for WW1 &11 arms that were sporterized after the war for hunters, now there are thousands of those guns with collector/re-enactor owners that want to return them to their glorious wartime costumes.


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Historicalarms: I didn't think that would be much in demand.

DPittman: I considered buying or building one for a while. Eventually decided against it. Several reasons, but the primary one was that the chairperson of the family finance committee has a veto.
Taking lessons was OK, so I flew several ultralights, also Diamond DA-20 and Cessna 172. Later got some brief opportunities to fly twins like a Navajo and a DA-42.
My logbook has variety, if sorely lacking in total hours.
I might want to get back to flying, probably gliders, later in life, maybe after I retire.