Hello from Blackburn hamlet, Ontario


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Greeting everyone,
I am happy to have found this forum. So far I have surfed the forum and saw many interesting post, which motivates me using my machines. I have a small hobby shop were I like to spend time diagnosing, finding or making parts for almost anything used in the kitchen, garden farm, motorcycle, bicycle.......
I am amazed at what I have been able repair and divert from going to the landfill. Sometimes all it takes is a small weld or repair a stripped out bolt or turn a sleeve on the lathe to slip over a broken tube to reinforce it or replace a bad bearing and race using the hydraulic press or .....
I can't imagine how boring my life would be without my tools.
I am looking forward to learn and hopefully contribute to the forum


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Welcome, there are lots of innovative types in this group.
We all like to share and learn.
I just spent the morning modifying a mill cross slide lead-screw. I must have left too much build up of chips at the extremes of my ‘Y’ axis and the retainer jammed on me.
Just took out the M16x1.5 lead-screw and milled a couple of wrench flats on the end.
Torque is a wonderful thing if used properly.


Welcome aboard. I’m just south of you, but I drive by Blackburn Hamlet often on my way to see family in Orleans.

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Welcome from Greely, I am always on the look out for metal for projects as well amazing what gets thrown out.
The forum is great for learning and seeing what everyone is doing.


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... and welcome. from Stittsville. We. raised. our. daughter in. Blackburn. Liked it a lot and our dog loved. the. trails.