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Heavy Metal Bargoon


ersatz engineer
I get to post this, as We left John's phone back at his house. He found this bargoon for his shop while visiting in Kewlona... This is the answer to the question about what packs the biggest punch? It weights 1 tonne and is hand operated!


It arrived in Calgary last week, but we had to get Ichibod II, the 3 ton 8 foot high engine hoist set up and make room for the new addition. We moved the fly press and finished off some projects to make room. Here it is, just after liftoff from the truck bed:

The Lift.jpg

Before anyone gets too jammy about using ratchet straps for a lift, the spine is actually supported witha 20,000 lb poly strap, the ratchets are for setting the tilt left/right. Here's the crown just before driving the truck away.

The lighter end was supported by 2 - 5 ton nylon straps sewn into a loop. Here's a picture at touchdown, and not too bad a look at the crane:


Can't wait until we get to punching holes in 1/4" plate!


Can you guys bring this to the meet up? :p Might be easier to bring the meetup to you.
Can't wait to see this thing work. How is this different from an iron worker?


ersatz engineer
How is this different from an iron worker?
Usually an iron worker has a single punching station at one end, with a shear or multipurpose station at the other. In the middle are shaped shears for angle, round and square.

This is a dedicated punch - the upper and lower carousel plates rotate together via a linkage system. It currently has 7 punches in it, from 1/4 to 2", and room for 3 more (!!).

It does operate much like my manual iron worker - but my punching station is empty at the moment.


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That has a nice deep throat on it! A lot wider than the Rotex punches I used to use for work (aircraft sheet metal work, in a former life).

They sure are nice to have, when you have a steady use for them, even if a bit hard to work around when you don't need them in the way!

I miss a few things about the old workplace. Spacious, and well lit, the tools, the stock racks full of material. Don't miss the constant stream of BS at all though!


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So you guys would appreciate this....a how to put on a new switch from youtube

LOL!!! You filers will NEVER understand us pilers.

The only time my lathe would ever look like that is in the middle of a HUGE job. I almost always clean up all the swarf and oil my machine after every job is finished.

My shop may look like organized chaos to others, but to me it is all exactly where it needs to be for the way my mind works. Except for paint, my machines get care that is at least equal to or better than the neatest cleanest machinist provides to their machines.

I don't understand the reference to a switch ??


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My shop may look like organized chaos to others, but to me it is all exactly where it needs to be for the way my mind works. Except for paint, my machines get care that is at least equal to or better than the neatest cleanest machinist provides to their machines.

I don't understand the reference to a switch ??
I was searching for switch placement on a lathe so I could get ideas, and that swarf pile showed up and the guy is going to show me how to put a switch box on his lathe.
But your comment on the shop chaos I like, because I am the same way. I keep trying to do better but as long as I can see the floor all is good.


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One day when they get into deeper into genetic mapping the will find the 'messy' chromosome. Or maybe the lack of 'neat & tidy' chromosome. I've changed my ways over the years to what could be called OCD level. But at some point I came to the realization the time I spent looking for something was becoming disproportionate to time actually making things. I enjoy the second thing, I hate the first thing. And because hobby time is a rare enough commodity as is, it was time to get minimally organized. Even a cardboard box with masking tape Sharpie label (90% of my so called system) is easy to implement & flexible to modify.
In another post we were talking about working over a soft terry towel like cloth or rubber mat when working with tiny screws or parts that just love to go bouncy-bouncy off the table & hide under a 2000 pound machine.


I Tried, It Broke
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I don’t think it’s a single chromosome. My shop contains sections of all three photos. Clearly this needs more investigation, anyone want to help me write a grant proposal to study this aspect of human psychology? I’m thinking $2m should cover the expected costs.



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ersatz engineer
I can see the floor all is good.
You have a floor?

I am 30% in on a shop reorganization (or is 10%, I have a LOT of stuf to organize) - I've been hamstrung by buying machines and portions of 2 machine shops. Before that the chaos was managable. Just bert's stuff took 30% of my shop space, which was all the free floor space...

One thing I am doing right now is getting rid of all the 'household' storage, and my past professional documents and files. That will get rid of some 60 boxes of stuff. I may have to trip my safe collection also.


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I moved and built a new shop and am in the process of slowly relocating my shop stuff. I had things shoe horned into my old shop and stuff squirled away to the ceiling. My new shop is about double the size of the old one but I can see it resembling the old one before long. Yup I think it's a genetic thing.