Grinder Metal Dust Collection


Not impossible given how often I will use it, however, given the grinder is bolted to the stand and they each weight about 40-60 lbs, not super convenient to unbolt and drag them up a flight of stairs every time. Don't really have anywhere to store it except in my workshop.
I was thinking more along keeping it outside, covered of course but, it is a spark making, loud, occasionally heavily used piece of equipment sitting outside under a deck or something wont hurt it, both my neighbours and myself have grinders on pedestals in our back yards.


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I would not risk working without a collector, as the dust can cause severe lung problems... My mate had some health issues after years of working and after that, I decided that a machine is really worth the price. If you decide to buy a collector, there are websites with really useful blog posts, including their best dust collector guidelines, prices, advantages/disadvantages. This helped me to choose mine. Now I am a happy owner of a Jet DC-1100-CK cyclone.