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Greetings from Ontario


I'm a newbie metal worker...it is all Mr. Pete's fault! Youtube videos have made me think that maybe I can do that, too. A beat-up Atlas 618 (itty-bitty) lathe came up in an auction last year and I put in a bid thinking that I'd never win. I did; kind of. It took months of work and I pretty much doubled my purchase cost acquiring parts to fix the lathe. But I've had it running for a couple of months now and actually made some stuff. Most of it for the lathe itself! Following is a shot from a before I added the quick change toolpost:


My latest folly is trying to make a milling attachment for the lathe. Harold Hall's web site provided the inspiration for using an angle plate and the compound as the main components. We'll see.

Anyway, I'm located in the west end of the GTA. Anybody else near by?


I’m about an hour west of Toronto. Couple more Ontario guys join up and we can mutiny from those pesky Westerners! :p

Kidding!! Just joking around, the western guys seem like a good crew to be around!