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Glad to be here. I've got a really big toolbox.


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So glad to be here and see what everyone's getting up to. As KBC Tools & Machinery I have a really big toolbox, but I don't use a lot of tools on a daily basis. Still, a good tool, in the right hands, with a curious mind is something of great beauty.

I love being in this industry and working with quick thinking people who are always seeking new ways to resolve a problem to get to an end result. People say that there are a thousand ways to drill a hole, and while I am not quite sure of the number, there are so many possible approaches to get the job done based upon the skill of the individual and the machines and tools at hand.

Wishing you all a great day tooling around,


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Good to hear from you, Paula !!
I still get the odd message from Raj . . . out in Leduc, Alberta.


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Welcome Paula.
I am lucky to live 20 minutes from Oldcastle, and pickup at the store. It is great to have things same day or next day on in-stock items.


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Welcome Paula!

Great bunch of machinists on here. Take some time to read some of the posts. I'm sure you will enjoy them. Lots of serious ideas, a few tears once in a while, and lots of laughs too.

Ya, your tool box is bigger than mine! Prolly a lot neater too. LMAO!


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Welcome from Vancouver. Been picking up stuff from Delta for about as long as they’ve been around.


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Welcome Paula. Good to see your interest in our comments. One suggestion that will save both your customers and your staff some time... Put the check box back on the order/delivery page to simplify requesting Canada Post. Seems silly to me that we have to call in to have your staff set that up. I know the flat rate deal is past, but for lighter orders, Canada Post still works out cheaper.


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Welcome Paula, nice to see a vendor interested in our small time consumer business and taking the time to enter the fray.

Put the check box back on the order/delivery page to simplify requesting Canada Post.


I hold some animosity toward the likes of Fedex, UPS etc stemming from the doorstep extortion on international orders and would prefer not to give them the business. You know, $100 value and you owe $13 in HST, plus their 30 in fees (never disclosed until they're on the stoop). Grrrr. I don't know how wide spread that feeling is, but I doubt I'm the only one. Even if delivery was longer I'd choose CP and if two vendors offered the same, I'd chose the one offering CP


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Welcome Paula, from another newish member...are you a machinist newbie as well? Or just here to see what the DIY/hobby consumer has to say about supply chains and vendors etc?
The local store here in Kelowna, staffed with great folks that do want to help...and it's a 5 min drive from home or my work.
Perhaps your membership could get us as a collective, opportunity for group purchases?
Logistic nightmare obviously but still...


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sitting here at work...it dawns on me...She said K B C TOOLS....not KMS tools :eek:
Sorry Paula...didn't mean to sling mud at ya!