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Gear Table for 10" Standard Modern Utilathe


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I have the above lathe and would like to do some metric threading. I have seen one image of the identical machine that had a gear chart on the gear door although it is illegible. I attempted to contact the image owner but have yet to receive a response. Does anyone have the chart and can send me an image or direct me to a site with the info?
1549412163520.png 1549412163520.png


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It should be possible to create your own. With the info linked and a calculator or spreadsheet I think you could create your own. First step would be to see if you have a 127 tooth gear in your gear set. My lathe has an 8TPI lead screw. The 127 gear engages with either a 30, 56, 60 or 63 tooth gear to get the correct metric thread pitch as opposed to the 100 suggested. I assume the rest of the conversion is taken up by the QC.



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I would contact StandardModern here: http://www.standardmodernlathes.com/index.html.

Give them your serial number, they can probably send you a manual specific for your lathe. They may also be able to provide you with the chart in question. They were very helpful when I needed info for my 9” Utilathe.
The Utilathes were never designed or made to thread in Metric. You will probably have to make (or come up with) your own change gears if you desire to thread in metric.