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Future proyect r


I just wanted to share my future proyect, I still working on the design but I will like to cast it in bronze on my backyard. So far I think it will be 7-9 pieces and around 40 cm tall. I still buying all the tools I need one at the time. :)I’m open for all kinds of suggestions n critiques.
my idea is to print int in a phrozen sonic mega 8K and mold it from there. Then take the mold and and do a ceramic shell. What do you guys think?


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Tom O

Ultra Member
Wow $2000. U.S. for that printer Could you not do it on a Cnc router that way you could break it down into stackable components.


Oh I still gonna brake the model, I went nuts with the printer cuz I wanted crazy printing resolution. ( I’m compensating in life)