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FRV30-200 (RF45) for sale


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Since I now have a Tormach in my basement I don't think I'm going to need this mill (although the inner packrat in me wants to..).
My original intention was to do a CNC conversion (this guy did a very impressive one https://www.cnczone.com/forums/benchtop-machines/122462-cnc-cad-32.html ) but that hasn't happened in the last while and I'm always short on time, but never projects.

As far as I know I bought it from the original owner, its a Force brand, which was house of tools brand until they went under.
It is a gear head which is very nice, has a power feed on the X axis, little if any damage to the table, as well as a dovetailed head with the ability to rotate (which I wanted badly).
The head is power up and down (you can see on the control panel thing), which is a nice feature. The ways are all in VERY good shape, I think it spent most of its used time drilling holes and surfacing but from what I understood the guy who owned it didn't really know how to use it and was a bit scared of it so it sat idle most of the time.

This is very similar to the machine Stefan Gotteswinter has, although I believe now that his has a 3600rpm motor (not a big deal to find and swap) to get a higher max rpm.
Kelly McLaughlin sold his on here at the beginning of last year, if you want more info you should check out his post (below).

1.5kw 220v single phase, R8 spindle w/ ~5" quill travel, 15" Z travel, 30" X travel and 8" Y travel (roughly).
I don't know what tooling I have that is extra at this point, I know I have a more or less complete R8 collet set for it and a clamping set.
If you're interested let me know as I am going to post it on Kijiji in a few days. I'm not in a hurry to get rid of it, but I'd like the space back eventually.
Pics below.
20190531_125416.jpg 20190531_125421.jpg 20190531_125427.jpg 20190531_125433.jpg 20190602_121504.jpg 20190602_121457.jpg


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Oh boy I think I gotta think! Ya ok...Im interested. You're in Calgary area right? How much do you want for it? (I'm sort of hoping you want too much for it then I don't have to make a hard decision). Oh boy...


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Yeah I'm in Calgary. I'm not certain on price yet but you can come over and check it out and we can talk about it..
I'm actually 3 hours south of Calgary. If I'm coming up that way to look at it, I will be coming home with it. LOL.
I gotta do some more self convincing that my family needs me to have a milling machine.
If you come about a price let me know please.