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Friends of the CF105 Avro-Arrow


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Keep it civil guys. No flame wars on this forum. Please delete your comments in the interest of avoiding any misunderstandings. Thanks.


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My apologies John and to the other's viewing this.
I really didn't understand what Grizzly Adams meant by that. Although he is entitled to his opinion, if I had said a group was rebuilding a rare automobile, how would that be received. But I find when a negative response like the one Grizzly placed, some folks who may have been interested would just overlook it as Grizzly has. Without even having a look. In response to the 5 year, I believe the project is a 10 year time frame.
I'm not sure how to delete my comment, but you are welcome to do so.


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I'm not sure how to delete my comment, but you are welcome to do so.
There might be an “Edit” tab like so....

oh, and I just now see the “Delete” button as well. Not sure how long they stick around after posting.....

You can go in and change your comment and then hit “Save” and your new comment will replace the old one. I am not sure how to remove the whole posted comment.


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Is that a different build than the one happening at the Springbank, Ab airport?
Yes the one in Alberta is a 1:6 scale.
The Ontario build is 1:1 scale.
I don't know what Alberta is doing with their's, but Ontario is doing a full scale, fully functional non military Avro Arrow with all up to date materials and electronics.


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1:6 didn’t sound right so I checked it’s 0.6:1. It’s supposed to be fully functional as well. I attended one of their open houses a couple of years ago, probably should go again to see how much progress has been made.