Flashforge adventurer 3 anyone use it? Also resin printer question


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Looking to dabble into the 3D printing world and am a total newb with regard to it. A guy at work uses the Flashforge adventurer 3 quite a bit and highly recommended it. Wondering if any of you have used it? Pros and cons if you would?

Also another friend had bought a resin printer to make a prototype part for the medical industry and he showed me that part. It was a perfect. He has since sold the resin printer so I never actually had seen it. He has not done any other 3d types of 3D printing. Where is the application for resin vs reg 3D printers? Thanks in advance
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I missed this thread. I believe resin printers are higher resolution but more expensive to run. The flashforge specs seem pretty good and I like the features. I'll be interested to see what you can print. ABS can be tricky to print and it smells/fumes.


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Still waiting on the printer. Was shipped expedited from Ont on Nov 30th and was supposed to arrive on the 8th, last I see it made it to Richmond BC on Dec 16th. I feel like those Canada post guys are busier than ever right now. The wife was also waiting for a package from Edmonton to Crowsnest Pass that shipped 8 days ago expedited and was supposed to be there in 3 days. On both packages, they don't even give estimates of arrival dates anymore just say delayed. How has the shipping times been right in Calgary?
It did give me some time today to download and try the flashprint software and look at tons of stuff at thingiverse.


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Ok got it now. After a couple of really small prints time to make something useful so printed a dial indicator mount for an axa style tool mount.


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