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Machine Engine removal and work stand.



just a Backyard Butcher.
I made an engine removal tool some time ago. It tilts and lifts the engine to remove it fromthe frame without scratching. The top end could be worked on whilst in the unit, however,I thought it would be more useful if the entire engine, top end and bottom end could be assembled and disassembled in the unit.

To that end I made some mods to it over the last couple of days, so now it serves a full dual function: Removes and installs the engine and the engine can be completely disassembled or assembled in the unit.

The latest mod was quite simple to make: I made a lever which attaches inside either of the engine lifting/tilting supports and can be turned so the engine is upside down enabling assembling of all components.

Working on the top end can be done straight out of the frame, to rotate the engine upside down so the bottom end can also be assembled/disassembled, simply disengage the tilting mechanism, insert the bush and insert the rotating lever.

I've no idea what I can use it for now it's finished, After all, it's not very often I'd need to remove the engine. But, it's done now, just another project.


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