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Edmonton - some light lathe work



I have a part (AR15 barrel nut) that needs roughly 0.05" taken off it's ID. The part is aluminium, I think. If you can help please contact me at:

[email protected]


John Conroy

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It is a nut like this one and the ID of the non theaded part was .020" too small the fit over the barrel. The nut was mild steel and I just chucked in my 3 jaw with a copper sleeve around it to protect the blued finish and used a carbide boring bar.

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Hi, sorry for bringing back an old thread.
I am in need of someone to be able to do some light mill and lathe work.

Couple of holes need to be enlarged, in aluminum.
And two spacers will need to be made out of steel.
For now however, i need the aluminum millwork done first.
Or may be point me in a direction, even a shop, who might do this tiny job.
I am in edmonton.
Can be contacted at [email protected]

i usually need tiny things like this made, for motorcycle work, finding the right person will be a great asset.

i am neither a metallurgist nor a machinist.