Edmonton area shops to know?


I’m sort of new to the metalworking world in Edmonton, I thought maybe some of you guys know of stores or resources around town that would be worth knowing about, either for buying tools or materials or whatever else.
I’ll start with the places I have visited so far, and I hope you’ll forgive me if you know all of these places already.

For tools:
GD Liquidators by the yellowhead has lots of stuff, I bought a bunch of grinding wheels there for a lot less than box store prices.
KMS has some welding supplies and will do tank refills/exchanges.

For materials:
Metal supermarket is pretty well known already
General Metals has some “used” selection of mild steel, I got a nice piece of 5/16th plate for a discounted price vs. MS, and it looks like they have a lot of bigger stuff in their yard.

For Equipment:
Modern Tool has some used equipment but when I went it was mostly pretty big and not suited to the home shop
Akhurst seems to have only new equipment but the guy did say he was getting some smaller lathes in soon


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This fellow is in Edmonton and deals in new and has a lot of used machines mostly CNC and large size equipment but occasionally he has equipment in 10HP range and under. Also has a selection of used transformers, tooling and other items for machining. I bought my mill from him and some tooling.
Best way to contact him is phone or email. There is not always someone at the shop.