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Disposing/Recycling Power Tool Cases


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I have a large hand-held bandsaw case that is not worth keeping around as it is huge, and it is not housing my bandsaw anymore. Keeping it around for the one or two times I *might* want to conveniently bring my bandsaw somewhere is not practical for how much space it takes up.

As per the City of Calgary blue bin recycling program, this is not eligible and would just end up on the trash. The case says its made of HDPE which is supposedly easily recyclable. Is there somewhere else in Calgary I could drop it off?


Scrapper of metal
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I have one of those too. Bloody great big thing, completely useless for anything else.


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I had an old Blue box recycle bin that was pretty banged up. So i decide to put it in for recycle, they wouldn't take it. I cut into small pieces , they took it

Dan Dubeau

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A few years ago I made a lead mold to cast hammer faces for my dead blow. I also made some hdpe faces in the same mold too.



The red is yop yogurt lids, and the white is the bottles themselves.


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I cut into small pieces , they took it
In Calgary, you could put anything in the blue bin and it'll make its way into the recycling truck, but it'll get sorted out at the facility and put into the garbage.

@Dan Dubeau That is a pretty neat project! If anyone in Calgary is doing something similar, they can have my case for free haha.

Six O Two

Hang on to it until your next road trip to neighbouring province? The recycling depots in BC will take most plastics. Kinda goes both ways, I pack my used cooking oil back to Alberta to recycle.


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I can't say anything to your large case, but there's a market for the smaller cases on Kijiji. Try there. Offer it for 10 bucks just to give it value to a potential buyer.

BMW Rider

Super User
I've managed to re-purpose a couple of those cases by cutting out the molded interior parts to leave just the outer shell. Not all of them are suited to this treatment depending on how the inner shape is molded in and joined to the outer part, but worth a try if you're going to toss it anyway.