Dickson type tool holders perhaps S3 size


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I've now acquired two buddies Mark and Randy, both from SW Ontario and into automobiles, who both have Colchester Master 2500 lathes, but both have tool post deficiencies. Mark has only 1 holder and needs a couple more tool holders. I've said I can spare a couple S2 size holders for a fair price. so he is good. But Mark sent Randy my way, because Randy bought a lathe at an auction and it came with 5 holders, but no QCTP. He did get a 2 way standard garbage post.

So I told Randy I'd post his holders here and see if anyone wanted to take a risk on them, to me they look like Dickson knock offs in S3 size.

I told Randy fellow I would sell him my surplus Dickson S2 post which will fit his lathe for cheap if I know I can bore a hole in it so he can mount it. I haven't yet tried because I have to see about a carbide bit in the proper size. It's a S2T for CNC lathe with a funky 4 bolt perimeter mounting.

So trade talks welcome. Purchases of these holders is welcome. Note they're missing bolts and 3 height adjusters, uncertain vintage and origin. Randy just wants to get a post and a couple holders and wants dickson style.

Oh and randy is near Stratford so if you happen to be closer to there than Toronto that would be nice 20230317_135840.jpeg