CoreXY printer on the cheap end that seems to work, but not quite prime time...

Dan Dubeau

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Interesting. I love my little Kingroon kp3s printer. It's been plug and play, and very reliable. This might be a winner too at around $500 CDN. I really want to build a corexy printer like a Voron, but so far it's one of those "some day" projects.


I really want to build a corexy printer like a Voron
I imagined doing that also. But once I realized the complexity of sourcing the parts and the extreme cost - way above a bambu carbon. Even a Vezbot kit is fat pricier, and all the parts come in one kit - I realized I'd never do it.

Even if this printer needs work, it has all the parts for a screaming price. I expect more people will heat up this cofmpetition, and the price will go down as the quality improves - just like what the Ender and its clones did for bed slingers (by deriving from Prusa)...

I'm content to sit on the sidelines and get the few prints per year from friends by financing filament and offering results from my daily research - I think my price of convenience to buy is around this 500$ mark, once the quality gets better/more consistent.


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I picked up a Bambu P1S a month or so back , and they aren't joking it really is print 15 min after opening box and rather well at that. There is still a learning curve as things crop up ( like why are some of my heavier prints pulling up form the bed?? ) but i will put my vote for the bambu so far. was going to get the p1p and add the enclosure but THe P1S current one dropped a week later with all the mods already done.