Converting Mini Mill to CNC


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Measuring the hole bottom is within 5 thou of each other - I think it’s actuallly better than that as these holes have a burr I haven’t removed.


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I paid $260 for everything. I was looking more at them today they are actually 890ozin. I feel like I got a good deal. This system would cost 3 times that right now. Plus it is all wired up and running. Hmm now I have lots of work to do. This is the mill I have. So much for building a mini cnc that I can bring to maker fair.

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Awesome. That's the big brother to mine. I'm almost done converting to CNC. Lucky to have paid so little for it. I bought mine new.


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So mine is the HoT equiv. to the Grizzly G3616. A friend here on the island has the HoT G3617 with the horizontal mill attachment. His table is longer and the head is longer than mine. It looks like the one Kevin has is the same size as mine but with the horizontal mill.

I made castings for all the end plates to be able to hold angular contact bearings. I started with DC Servos running with HP_UHU drives and US Digital Encoders. Ultimately the short story is that although the XY servo motors were supposed to be identical, they weren't. So now I've replaced them with Bergerda AC Servos. Very happy with that. They are 400W units with the same torque as the DC Servos. 3:1 on X, 4:1 on Y

I started with a 600 oz-stepper on the knee and 3:1 reduction. Upped that to 960 oz-in and a Gecko. The Gecko failed and I tried a Leadshine driver from amazon. That had a horrible whine when stopped so I finally switched over to a Bergerda 750W AC Servo. Now instead of max 24 ipm on the knee I can get 150 ipm. Scary fast.

The quill is locked at the top unless I'm doing things manually.

I have tons of pictures and can take more. Just ask for specific areas. Here is a random sampling. I replaced the bushing at the Z axis bevel gear end with a ball bearing too. There is still too much play there.


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