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Compound angle setter


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@Dabbler dreamed this up a few years ago. I helped get it into fusion so we could 3D print it. Some of you may remember a CHMW open house at modern tool where I talked about this.

Similar to zeroing in a vise so it’s square this tool lets you set the compound so the angle is exactly the same as a taper held in the lathe chuck. You can see in the picture how this works. You keep turning the compound slide dial so the dial indicator floats across the taper and adjusting the compound angle till the dial indicator reads no deflection. Then you chuck up your stock and turn the Stock to the angle you need. Probably a lot easier than fiddling with taper guides if the part is short enough.

This one is for BXA. There are two BXA dove tails so you can use it in different configurations.

If you want to print it the model is here:



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