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Colchester 14/24 and Harison 13/36 up for auction

Your right it does look bent upwards. I never noticed it when I took the picture. The thing I did notice about this lathe is that the saddle and cross slide are truly massive.


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Looks like it has one of those funky threaded? chucks too, must be what the special spanner is for? Its a lathe only a mother could love :)

Not that I'm in the market, but is there a way to know how much they sell for?


It's being auctioned off on the Alberta government auction site on line you can register and bid online there. A few days ago the bid was at $1040 for the Colchester and 3400 for the Harison. The auction ends jan 24 th.
The Colchester sold for $2310 and the Harrison sold for $4810. On the Alberta online auction site below the for sale categories there is a link to sold items. There are thousands of items so it's better to know the auction number of the item, them you can just scroll to the item number.