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CNC Mill Operational

My CNC conversion is operational, YAHOO!! Still needs a little tweaking on some of the controls, primarily speed control, works sort of.

The good news its producing parts, accurately.

G-code little bit of a learning curve but Intercon writes it based on your requirements, it runs well but is not the most optimized path, again tweaking the path with greatly reduce run times.

For those that don't know I converted a BB CT054 mill with ACORN CNC and Teknic Clearpath SDSK servos. Mill needed a few modifications, mostly to ensure bearing retainers didn't pop under the torque of the servos. 2553AB9A-F5E6-4BAD-A645-8F422FE1C378.jpeg A891C54D-C5A2-411B-9325-C253A374A885.jpeg F05CF68C-6242-4B27-9310-CFC6EE971008.jpeg CBBB1AA1-E4F1-4542-A897-940E6A070A1F.jpeg 50586CAB-706F-42D7-86B5-D350A167968F.jpeg
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Dan Dubeau

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Congrats! I really like that coolant ring. When I get caught up on some other projects I am stealing that idea for my tormach.

Shoveling chips sucks, but it's still a pretty good feeling when you made a pile of them without having to stand there cranking handles.
Ball screws arrived, leave on holidays Sat. (Doing some diving in Cuba), log in and introduce myself from Cuba and p!$$ of a few short sight members :oops:;):cool:.
When I get back, start laying out the new parts and additional parts that need to be made. Like set up a shaft grinder on the lathe (another project, sigh) to tweak the length of the screws to perfect size.