clock charging batteries


james matheson

I made a clock charge batteries, turn on a light, charge my cellphone, charge my drill, operate a small lathe and more . I need the piece made professionally in hopes I ( or anyone) can market the piece
here is an example
This was a $1 motor
here is how it can be made with a 3d printer
You would need to add more gears and attach a spring, it is very simple I just lag in a few areas that stops
me from making the piece professionally
I am trying to have the piece made professionally
At this point I have paid multiple people and I am giving them a swiss maxon geared motor that costs
$50 because it was pre geared ( the $1 motor make a lot more sense but in order for anyone to use the $1 motor they would have to add more gears which isn't difficult but it is for some like myself)
There is a serious need to for this product everywhere
So if anyone gets a hand crank dynamo and put it on a clock you will be very successful ( and hopefully include me somehow) and when you build a tree house you will be able to have a light anytime you want without having to stand in the sun, without having to use batteries and without having to use a hand crank or attaching outlets
I made one model work for 2 hours and if I had very enthusiastic people around me I could have made the piece work indefinitely ,
I hope someone will make this piece professionally, it is urgently needed