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Cincinnati? Dividing Head


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Some more pictures.


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I don't think it's a Carroll Dividing Head. It doesn't look like any of the ones I saw online. I think it's an early Cincinnati, missing some parts, and possibly repainted. Or a Cincinnati clone. But the brass plate underneath with the adjustment instructions, is in good English, and overall it is quite well made.


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Looks like the footstock is genuine Carroll, does it not match the dividing head?
Hi John, it is of the appropriate height, and it is well made, but it doesn't look like a Cincinnati, and is slightly different from the Carroll ones I have seen on-line, but who knows. Both units I have are quite nice. I do have to completely fabricate the mechanism which attaches to the DH which allows for direct indexing on the spindle plate. The indexing pin has a rack which is levered into position by a lever. The whole unit will move up or down to correspond to one of the 3 dividing circles of the spindle plate.

I also have to determine what the spindle taper is. It looks like an MT4 and one will go in, but according to the some literature its a BS taper, so I will have to measure it and find out.