Changes to Fusion 360 for personal use


In the gcode for my Ender 3 the only appearance of G0 is at the very end. That is output from Simplify3D, not sure about Cura but not likely any different.


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G1 X102.877 Y157.638 F10800.000

I don't see any G0 rapid moves in a randomly chosen gcode model for 3d printing. Lots of lines though have a F10800.000 feed rate like the above example. That's 425 inches/minute which is rapid on my mill. That gcode was generated with the Prusa slicer software - I think it's a variant of something open source.


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I use AlibreCAD and have for more than 10 years even as it was Geomagic for a while. For the CAM I was using AlibreCAM (MecSoft CAM) but that's been discontinued now and I've had to buy a MecSoft 4 axis license. All in all I'm still paying less than Fusion 360 and although I recently looked at it I really have never been able to get y head around it. Don't like MecsoftCAD either.
There is an Alibre light version that was written up in Model Engineer's Workshop but the CAM part is pretty simple IIRC.


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My Fusion360 license expired.... Gave me all sorts of grief logging in. When I finally got in, a pop-up stated I needed to subscribe as a student or educator? I guess that's the end of personal use:mad:


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This is bad news. They are taking away key features for hobbyists such as the ability to export to various file types.

Tried using Fusion couldn't get my head around the program concept although I respect those who can. Aren't I glad I didn't. Just saying

Where have you been hiding @David_R8


My solution to getting access to some of the features is to pay for a 1 month subscription when needed, at $80 it is a lot less than a 3 year fee. So far I have not needed do that though.



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At the moment, as long as AlibreCAM still works with the native AlibreCAD AD_PRT documents I'm staying with Alibre. But their Rev 23 has an issue with exporting STEP files. A drawing exported as STEP and then re-imported has flaws. VisualCAM also creates flaws in the imported step file. Both Fusion360 and SprutCAM appear not to have problems with the imported step file.

None of this would be an issue for me if Alibre hadn't decided to stop working with MecSoft. They claim MecSoft doesn't want to upgrade their plug in. I've heard rumors that the native file format from Alibre has errors and MecSoft won't work with them because Alibre won't fix the problems. Given that Alibre can't import it's own exported STEP file I'm guessing the issue is with Alibre. A good reason not to choose them I guess.


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