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I think I've got my tube bending to a point where I can make what I want to make just using my Ridgid bender & home made dies. But I've seen some interesting stuff where guys are pushing the bending limits further using Cerrobend. I would like to mess around with this on the side. Apparently it comes under different names like Cerrotru, Cerrobend, Cerrocast, Cerrolow. The key attribute is low expansion like ~ 3% from what I can see. I found this link in Canada that sells small quantities. I'm not sure what a reasonable price is, most of the dealers look to be in USA. Does anyone have any resources they have come across? Some of the ebay stuff looks legit & others sketchy in terms of composition or maybe recycled.


I've also purchased from these guys in the past


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That’s cool Peter. I want to see your bender and results though without stuffing tubes with this. Post?


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Janger - I guess I didn't show my bender but its this one

examples here, although the bending itself was no brainer so I was onto the flaring issue

attaching example where guy did a bend at significantly smaller radius on a simple mandrel with no half diameter relief groove and very close to the end treatment.

TomO I may just have to take you up on that. What do you use it for yourself?


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Tom O

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I haven’t really used it yet but I read that it can be used for holding onto difficult small parts while machining.