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Car memories


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Google Search

Much as I hate the way Google listens in on everything I do, I decided to use the kids tablet to give it a whirl. Here is what the first half dozen relevant hits gave me.

Disco potatoe

UrbanSlangDictionary - Slang name for a GT2860R (GT28RS) Turbo. Usually used in conjunction with a Nissan SR20DET powerplant.

FullRace.com - The GT2860RS is one of Garrett's most legendary GT ball-bearing turbos. Nicknamed the 'Disco Potato' after the car that first used it—a B15 Nissan Sentra with a wild paint job—this turbo has become a staple in the tuner world and for good reason. It's a reliable platform that delivers good power.

Miata Forum - Disco" comes from the car's crazy orange metallic paint, and "potato" comes from the affectionate nickname given to the B15 Sentra by those who likened the car's round silhouette to the Irish food staple.

VWVortex - It refers to the nick name of the guy who originated the turbo specs for use on his nissan years back, and it got popular with Garrett and they just dubbed it that.

Patrol 4x4 - It was developed by Garrett in the US for a project car called the Disco Potato with an SR20 powerplant.The car's power was impressive, 280 hp at the wheels, but not earth-shattering. The driving experience however, was. Throttle response was excellent, turbo lag virtually non-existent, and the tyre-smoking horsepower was outstanding. The turbo spooled up early, making so much torque, that the best quarter-mile time (13.7 at 104.5 mph) was achieved launching in second gear. The vehicle was so successful that Garrett named the turbo as the GT28RS.

GTR.Co.Uk - "Disco Potato" Came from a car that they used to help develop the Turbo with, It was a Nissan Sentra SE-R that had a color shifting paint that looked sorta brown (like a potato) and sifted to green and purple (like a disco i guess??). It got alot of media coverage in the states, and competed in the sport compact car Ultimate Street Car Challenge". The compressor efficiency map looks like a potatoe as well.

OK, I've had enough of Google.

I didn't select or pick Google hits. I just took the first relevant ones google suggested. They might not be what you would find because google knows us and presents info based on that knowledge. That's one of the reasons I don't like Google. I chose the kids tablet because they have no car history and because I don't want to use Google on my own devices.Basically though, nothing Google found suggested that it's an official name, it's all just street slang with a meaning that varies as widely as where it is used.

The common thread is the car colour, the car shape, the turbo itself, and the guy who first used it. I think it's fair to say that any one of these attributes without the others isn't a disco potatoe! LOL!

Tom O

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1961 GMC 1/2 ton long box, 375HP 327, Turbo 350, Holley 650, Accel, fat tires, tiny 9” steering wheel, no power brakes or steering, 9 mpg. Spent $7000 on running gear, when I was earning $16k gross. As @Susquatch says, worst investment I ever made.

To this day, my younger brother is still terrified to drive with me. Ever driven a 60s pickup around a corner at 110 mph? I’m sure some of his grey hair is truck-related…
We use to rat race on the dirt roads behind Western Speedway in Victoria.

Tom O

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This thread is great! It’s ironical because most of the language in this thread will mean nothing to most people under 40.

It’s also funny because Accel coils and dizzy’s really weren’t much of an improvement

It’s also kinda sad how the older gearheads are being weeded out by my generation who don’t wrench at all, yet the older guys were changing a starter on Friday night to go out on a date or to go racing Saturday

The generation after me coming up don’t even know what a wrench is :(
I had no problem with the Accel coil it was the dual point that produced a frequent miss and it wasn’t until I bought the clear distributor cap that I could see it arc against the adjustment bolts.

Tom O

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Oh my....... Well..... That would be on my list of things I wish I owned. I'm truly jealous of that one! Hopefully the original blue.

I knew Carroll Shelby and his wife personally. Really nice people. Once I had the honour of leading a parade with him in Texas sitting on the padding of a convertible top together. I'll have to see if I still have a photo.
And they didn’t put ya in the movie! Bast**ds!